Both Calculators have been updated! Siphi's new kit is now available for tuning!

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This website has been active for nearly 6 months now, and I've been fortunate enough to have all of you supporting me along the way with likes and subscriptions and views on all my social platforms.  Many of you have reached out for services like coaching and takeovers as well, but other have asked for ways to donate to the site or support my work more directly - well now you can! I've set up a Patreon, where you can get access to a private discord channel, a monthly newsletter, and a live Question and Answer session. It's also how i'll be taking new requests for coaching and takeovers.  So if you've been looking for a way to more directly support the website, this is it!  


​If this is your first time visiting the site, above on the header are links to all the different resources offered here.  I HIGHLY recommend visiting the How to Use section first. It will include basic instructions and advanced guidance to help you speed tune your team. The guidance for speed champions is extremely important to follow for the Calculator to be accurate, so do take the time to read it. There is also a Video Tutorial there if you prefer to learn about the Calculator through a visual medium. Specific Champions are offered only if they can affect speed and turn order, otherwise you can simply type in the name of your champion.

If you are looking for a specific speed tune, then you will want to check out the Speed Tune List. It contains a list of known tunes and advice on using them when applicable. Do take care, many of these speed tunes are advanced and require some setup to implement. Also, they may be more susceptible to speed changes than most, so fine tuning may be required for your particular composition!

The Advice and Guides section is now up and running! It contains columns and guidance from some of the smartest raiders I've come across. If you want to understand how speed works, or need a guide to build your team, or even just a group of fellow nerds to hang out with we have you covered!


In the Contacts and Links are links to the DeadwoodJedi Discord Group where you can discuss your current team or theory craft with others. It also has a link to the DeadwoodJedi YouTube Channel if you want to see what my face looks like! Generally, I try to provide helpful information to improve your raiding and tend to focus on the Clan Boss. Below you will see my latest video.