We are a game, music and interest hub. If you’re into games, combat, history, the sciences, the arts, the unknown or any other subject worthy of exploration hang with us here.


We have voice channels for conversation, live streaming and three for music. Our theme is one of other realms and the old mysteries when druids roamed among the standing stones. Come study the monolith and explore the grounds of our encampment. Friends await you.


We have IncredibleJohn, MurderInc. StewGaming, HellHades, Cold Brew Gaming and more on our server, plenty of content to explore !!!


We are not a clan. We are not a cluster. We are a group of volunteers from around the world from clans great and small who help others recruit, train and have fun. We are neutral grounds for all clans. If you are a player or a clan / cluster leader stop by and say hi. Ask around, people love camp.


Key Raid Rooms:

Minilith = table of contents UTC Clock = Because the game never added one.

Coordinate with this Campfire = main chat

GMH grandmaster hall = game advice, streaming and voice chat available Road to realms = clan servers

The Herald = slow mode between clans/players

Dolemen of deeds = show off GH, arena kills of big names like CARTMAN, etc.

Raid Bible = Credit is given to player, clans and clusters for this centralized info on all aspecs of the game.

Raid Content Providers = Twitch and YouTube homes for Murder, Incredible John, Stew etc.

Raid Videos = Content providers update this channel daily ADD YOUR FLAG TO OUR WORLD MAP