Fast/Slow Speed Tuning Guide and CB Turn Simulator

Posted by u/NapoleonCamembert


A few weeks back, I posted a little guide on fast/slow speed tuning, where you design your team’s speeds so that one or more of you champions can use their four-turn cooldowns in sync with the CB’s three-turn cycle.


I’ve been able to explore lots of different potential setups with the use of an accurate CB simulator (it’s a modified version of a spreadsheet created by kuroshioizo). You can use this to plug in whatever speeds you want, and it will predict the turn order. I’ll come back to it below but for now let’s look at three fast/slow examples.


Example 1: Fast Sepulcher Sentinel


A fast Sepulcher Sentinel can fit into many CB teams. Consistently lapping the CB means that she can use her def up and block debuffs ability to block the stun every time.

Adding attack down on her a1, she can effectively replace both Altan and Grizzled Jarl.

Although she’s force affinity, she’s especially interesting vs. the spirit boss. With the right speeds on your team, she can go last before the second AOE attack (which applies the slow debuff), and your whole team will still have block debuffs when the CB does it’s stun attack. Normally, dealing with both these debuffs requires two champions, but you can do it with just a fast Sepulcher.


You want to set up your speeds so that you settle into a pattern where Sepulcher goes last before the second AOE. For the first few turns, you might not be able to block both debuffs, so you want to be sure to block the slow to avoid messing up the rotation.

You can see Bhelrudan here blocking both buffs vs spirit CB with Sepulcher. And you can see him doing 30M+ vs void CB here. The speeds he’s using:

  • Sepulcher 242

  • Martyr 192

  • Rhazin 182

  • Nethril 177

  • Skullcrusher 175


Example 2: My Fast Nick Squad

  • Sir Nicholas 242 SPD, LS set

  • Skullcrusher 191 SPD, crit-oriented gear

  • Bad-el-Kazar 187 SPD, stalwart set

  • Dracomorph 177 SPD, stalwart and immortal sets

  • Tyrant Ixlimor 176 SPD, stalwart


This has the same turn structure as Bhelrudan’s above, but instead of using fast Sepulcher to block debuffs for the second AOE and stun, I’m using fast Nick to make my whole team unkillable for both those attacks.


Starting after the boss’s sixth turn, my team settles into this pattern:

  • Before first AOE: BEK, Nick, Draco, Tyrant, Skullcrusher

  • Before second AOE: Nick, BEK, Draco, Tyrant, Skullcrusher, Nick

  • Before stun: BEK, Draco, Nick, Tyrant, Skullcrusher


he reasons I like this turn order:

  • Nick gets four turns in each cycle, and he goes last before the second AOE. Using his unkillable then, he makes the whole team unkillable for the second AOE and the stun.

  • Skullcrusher goes last before the first AOE, which is good for his counterattack. At 191 speed, he can also use his counterattack before the boss’s first move.

  • BEK goes first after the stun, so he can reliably cleanse the debuff.


Here’s my ability rotation:

  • Before first AOE: BEK cleanses, Nick shield, Draco def down, Tyrant hp burn, Skullcrusher CA

  • Before second AOE: default attacks, Nick unkillable on his second move

  • Before stun: Draco poison, Tyrant defense up, default attacks for others


The result is that the only time anybody is killable is during the first AOE. For that, everybody has defense up and ally protection (except for Skullcrusher, who’s unkillable). Stalwart sets and Ixlimor’s passive provide extra damage mitigation, and the result is that I can (usually) last until the clan boss starts ignoring unkillable.


Skullcrusher is always unkillable, so there’s no reason to worry about his durability, and I just build him for damage. In fact, making him squishy helps make sure the boss will target him for the stun. If the CB targets somebody else, they might end up dying on the first AOE before the boss starts ignoring unkillable. So a damage-oriented Skullcrusher works perfectly here. I even dropped the Life Drinker mastery to make sure he would have the lowest health going into the stun.


Example 3: Unkillable Tower + Skullcrusher

guyunderwater wrote a very nice guide on a setup involving a Roshcard with 251+ speed. A notable difference from the above setups is it ends up leading to a turn order in which the fast toon goes last before the first AOE. This makes sense if you want to use Roshcard’s block damage buff to protect your whole team from both AOE attacks.


Other Fast/Slow Setups:


The three examples above involve only one fast toon, but the possibilities don’t stop there.


When looking for a good turn order, you can typically ignore what’s happening during the CB’s first six turns. When you have some toons that are fast enough to lap the boss, something weird will happen at the beginning because the toons are all starting from zero, but at some point the turn order will settle into a reliable pattern. Most commonly, the consistent pattern emerges after six boss turns, but I’ve seen it take a bit shorter or longer. Typically, you’re looking for teams that settle into patterns that repeat after each three turns that the CB takes, but other patterns could potentially be useful, too.


Have a look at the following in the simulator. Remember to look at what happens starting after the CB’s sixth turn to see the consistent pattern that they settle into.

  • 231, 230, 191, 175, 174: allows two champions to use their four-turn cooldowns in sync with CB. While in all the simulations I’ve seen you need at least 240 speed to have one fast toon, you can have two fast toons with lower speeds. It’s easier because they don’t need to lap each other.

  • 237, 236, 191, 181, 178: same, and also allows a BEK or Steelskull at 181 speed to go first after the stun.

  • 232, 231, 230, 191, 176: three fast toons.

  • 256,243,242,241,176: four fast toons.

  • 256,255,254,253,181: not sure how to describe this, but it seems to have potential.

Perfecting the CB Simulator

My CB simulation model has been refined based on lots of observations, but it still might have flaws. If you see it predicting something different than what you observe in-game, please let me know, and explain exactly how what happened differed from what was predicted. If you send me well-documented information, I will use it to improve the simulator. If you just tell me it didn’t work without explaining what went wrong, I won’t be able to make it better.

Please note that the simulator does not handle turn boosts of any kind, so if something seems wrong, please consider whether you are using speed buffs or skills or masteries that boost turn meters. The simulator simply does not handle these things.