Budget Maneater - NM-Only Edition





This is a legacy tune. Recommend using the updated version titled:
"New Budget Maneater - 3 Bosses only 1 Comp"

219+ - Maneater
213-214 - Pain Keeper
161-169 - DPS
161-169 - DPS
103-109 - Stun Target / 2:3 DPS

Rotation for both versions:
Maneater - A3
Pain Keeper - A3, A1, A2.

HP of Stun Target should be the highest of the team, but not more than 125% of PK's HP.
PK should be second highest HP.
(ex. If PK has 40K HP, then your Stun Target needs to be between 41K-50K).
A good target to aim for is 10% more than PK. (so 44K in the above example)
Stun Target's DEF should be as low as possible, at least several hundred lower than anyone else on the team.
When facing affinities, the Stun Target ideally should be the weak affinity (vs Magic have a spirit one), or otherwise there should be no weak affinity champions on the team.
*Avoid having a strong affinity Stun Target! It's just not worth it.

Example HP/DEF Tuning:
Aim for 1k DEF and 35k-40k HP on the Stun Target, at least 2k DEF and 30-35k HP on the rest. Pain Keeper should have 2nd highest HP on team.
Affinities will screw up your run - use a weak affinity for the Stun Target!
Watch your runs! Hard to know how to fix it if you don't know where it went wrong...
Ally/Counter-Attack can work, but it can add complication if not tuned right for each difficulty. NOT RECOMMENDED for the faint of heart!