Infinity Team





Currently this is the build for the World Record Clan Boss team with over 1 BILLION damage. It is one of the most difficult teams to build successfully as you need enough defense to survive and enough offense to grow shields infinitely. Most successful versions of this team involve Krisk as well as Lanakis, however you absolutely need Underpriest Brogni as he's currently the only champion in the game that can grow shields. You will also need at least 3 champions to extend the durations of buffs so they never fall off: Lanakis, Hellborn Sprite, Godseeker Aniri, Sandlashed Survivor, Hope, Valerie, Demytha. Damage for the most successful team is garnered by a rare champion, Corpulent Cadaver, who deals damage based upon the size of his shield.

Gear requirements are high, as stated above, typically relying upon Stalwart, Guardian and Reflex gear sets to maximize survivability and damage output.

There are multiple variations on this build and a variety of speeds can be used successfully. The speeds included here cover the world record runs. They are fast enough to accomodate the random TM boost from Lanakis, the Speed Buff from Krisk, and still have everyone running at a 2:1 ratio consistently. These speeds are close to impossible to fully simulate/tune in the calculator as rng plays a big factor in this team with reflex gear and Lanakis' TM boost. Use this build with caution!

You will get the best results by building your 4 turn buff extension champions and brogni in reflex and your krisk and corpulent cadaver in stalwart and any other champions in guardian gear.

In the calculator you will notice some special alterations in order simulate the run: Lanakis' a2 is reduced to a 3 turn CD (this simulates the reduction from Reflex gear); Brogni, Lanakis and Krisk a3 skills have a 99 turn CD (we use the skills first, then never again as they are kept up permanently); Corpulent Cadaver has all his skills turned off except his a1 (the one that does damage based off shields). These all help to simulate the runs effectiveness, so keep this in mind. If Lanakis takes an extra turn on her first attack it will throw off the run.

Lastly these are not all the permutations of this team - you can certainly get good results running slower speeds and not going at a 2:1 ratio. The key is extending the buffs at least once per turn to keep them up for the full fight.

Krisk: 286+
Lanakis: 269-286
Hellborn: 245-264
Corp: 195-219
Brogni: 184-188

The other tunes:
Krisk 286
Hellborn 270
Corp 246
Lanakis 200
Brogni 195

Krisk 288
Hellborn 272
Lanakis 249
Corp 197
Brogni 190