Ma'shalled White Whale Variant

251 / 230




252 - Champ goes last
251 / 230 - 251 Champ goes last. 230 goes second to last...both speeds work and have their own ranges around them that can work. It has different turn orders though.
239 - Ma'Shalled goes third. Syncs faster if he takes the stun on turn count 2, but you can also manual his a1 on turn count 4 if he doesn't. Comp should sync even without the adjustment, just later.
212- Champ goes second
191 - Champ goes first

There is PLENTY of variance with the slower speeds, less so with the faster ones. Altering the speeds of the different champions will alter the turn order leading up to the sync, so experiment IN THE CALCULATOR to find the optimal turn order for your team.

Fastest speed will go last in turn order - this is where you want your counter-attacker or debuff blocker.
Slowest speed goes first in turn order - this is where you want you debuff cleanser or weaken/decrease def champ.

Setup (can run full auto, but doing the below gets it into the 2:1 tune faster):
Ma'Shalled - A1, A2

This also achieves a 2:1 turn ratio on NM, but with a different turn order.

Only NEED to avoid stun on Ma'Shalled in order to stay in tune.