Man Seeks God





Maneater, Seeker and Godseeker Aniri. Also works with 4-turn revive-on-death, although Cardiel is the only one that works on spirit without further accommodation (the team is vulnerable to the first speed debuff, Maneater blocks all others). This composition is particularly finnicky...the speeds need to be VERY precise and it is RECOMMENDED FOR EXPERT PLAYERS ONLY who are familiar with both speed tuning and the calculator.

Links are to the Right.

Works with the same setup on NM. UNM actually also works with a 0-turn delay on Seeker, but 4 turns makes it easier to verify it works on both difficulties.

The idea is that the stun eventually kills one of the 191 speed champions (typically your DPS) and either Aniri's A3 or a revive-on-death buff revives them.

Works on UNM+NM. On UNM, Seeker can have a 0-turn delay instead, but I chose 4 turns for the link to make it easier to check that it works on both difficulties.

The speeds need to be very precise to work on UNM+NM.
Seeker must be at least 217.15
Maneater must be at least Seeker * 7/6
The 191 champions must be below 191.25 (you can ignore this part if you're only interested in UNM) but at least 3/4 * Maneater

Only Aniri/Cardiel has a wider range, probably anywhere above 204.1 but below Seeker for Aniri; Cardiel is at his minimum speed in the link.

One realistic example of a working setup (without a speed aura) is Seeker 2 speed sets, Maneater 3 speed sets, the 191 champions in no speed-affecting sets. In this particular case it doesn't matter if ME and/or Seeker has Lore of Steel, but in general you have to take it into account (LoS is neither good nor bad, just another thing you need to input accurately in order to get accurate results).

Aniri also works on spirit without any special setup: open with her A2 to extend the block debuffs. Seeker will still take the speed debuff (when using 0-turn delay on UNM) but it doesn't matter since his double turn effectively cleanses it.

One possible issue is Seeker proccing his passive on AoE2, then Aniri extending the increase defense buff so everybody but Seeker has it. You can disable Aniri's A2 to avoid this.

In addition to all of the above, you should not have the lifedrinker mastery on your stun target.
Also, you must set Godseeker's AI to use her A3 as first choice or disable her A2. By default she'd go A2 even if someone is dead.

Cardiel+Ninja can work as well.
Note that even though the speeds seem to have a little more leeway than the standard tune, you still need to be able to substitute Ninja against force (and the non-Cardiel 190 DPS needs to be magic so that Seeker doesn't become the stun target)