Pavo's Krisk and Lydia





*There are a variety of alternate builds with slight tweaks to turn order and speeds, but this version is the easiest to set up and run.
*It differs slightly from the video, Valkyrie is at 190 speed, but once in sync runs the same.

268-276 - Debuff Blocker (aka Brogni), must be faster than Lydia
268-276 - Lydia
238-239 - Krisk
199-223 - Counter Attacker (aka Valkyrie), must be faster than slowest champ. Faster speds (like in associated vid) will change turn order.
199-219 - Increase Def (aka Iron Brago)

Turn Count 0: Brogni a1, Lydia a3, Krisk a1, Valkyrie a2, Iron Brago a3
Turn Count 1: Brogni a3, Lydia a2, Krisk a2, Press AUTO

With Krisk placing Ally Protection and Extending buffs, Strengthen from Lydia, Shield from Valkyrie and growing those Shield and placing Block Debuffs from Brogni this is one of the tankiest teams possible providing Counter-Attack and staying affinity friendly. It's designed to have Iron Brago or Valkyrie take the stun (as both will have Ally Protection up for that hit) so some affinity adjustment might need to be made to maximize potential.