The Dark Knight - aka, WarCrusher





The chassis of this team is the very well documented Batman composition. This is an alternate version of that team, so if you're struggling you may wish to read up on those to better understand potential issues.

The key to this team is utilizing Renegades cooldown reduction skill to reset the abilities of your Unkillable champion. You still must bring in a champion to tank the stun - typically Skullcrusher. Another important note is you must NOT fully book the cooldown of Renegades A3 skill, so it remains on a 6 turn cooldown. You can use Kymar instead of Renegade, but the speed requirements become slightly higher for Skullcrusher, Renegade and significantly higher for your Unkillable Champ. Lastly you can use a FULLY BOOKED Sir Nicholas in this comp!

Also, because there's no speed buffs, extra turn champions such as Rotos can be used without fear of breaking the speed tune - they may however throw off the stun targeting.

265-285 - Unkillable Champ (Warcaster, Sir Nicholas - goes last)
248-254 - Seeker (goes second)
245-247 - Renegade (must be faster than Stun champ and slower than Seeker - goes third)
245-247 - Stun Target (Typically Skullcrusher, though in theory any 3 turn cooldown Unkillable champ can work - goes second to last)
218-227 - DPS / Support (goes first)

*Stun Targeting is essential, so a negative or neutral affinity champ is ideal for that purpose.
*Avoid negative affinity DPS champions.
*Does not work well for Spirit affinity without a cleanser in the DPS slot or Block Debuffs - which will likely tank damage output.
*Set up is essentially the same as the Batman series of compositions.
*Roshcard the Tower currently does not work because Renegade's AI will not use her A3 when she has 2-turn Block Damage up.