Thanks for viewing the list of Speed Tunes!

The Compositions are organized into two distinct categories:  General Speed Tunes and Champion Specific.  The General Speed Tunes lists the different compositions according to the speed tune ratios achieved and/or if they are unkillable teams. Champion Specific organizes tunes by the specific champions required. I also would recommend looking at the DeadwoodJedi Recommended Tunes, which is a list of Speed Tunes I like most.


Simply select the corresponding tune type and it will take you to a list of all such tunes I've been able to record. The list will give a brief summary of the tune as well as any associated information and video. Many of the simple tunes need little to no additional information, the more advanced ones can have whole guides linked within. It may take a few seconds to load.


Click on the View Composition button to get the full details of any specific tune.


For those of you brand new to speed tuning here is a brief list of some terms often used:



  • A ratio is a simple way to indicate how many turns a champion takes compared to the clan boss. 

  • So a 4:3 means that champion will take 4 turns for every 3 turns the clan boss takes.\



  • A cycle refers to the cycle of attacks the Clan Boss makes.

  • The Clan Boss has 2 area of effect (aoe) attacks and 1 single target Stun attack.  It goes through these attacks in a regular predetermined order.

  • Going from AOE 1 --> AOE 2 --> STUN encompasses a Full Cycle.


  • A champion that will remove the stun (or other debuff) from one or all other champions


  • A crucial buff that can prevent the application of debuffs (such as the stun) from the Clan Boss


  • When you begin a fight and the Clan Boss starts under 50% health, it will no longer be Void Affinity, but rather Force, Magic, or Spirit Affinity

  • Each affinity applies a debuff on your champions with their AOE 2 attack.  Decrease Attack from Force, Decrease Accuracy from Magic, and Decrease Speed from Spirit.

  • While each of these debuffs is problematic, Spirit affinity is the one that can throw off a carefully tuned Clan Boss team by slowing your champions down.

  • Affinity Friendly refers to a team that can stay in tune no matter the affinity - more specifically the Spirit Affinity.

Lastly, if you're struggling with understanding speed and the calculator, there's lots of resources in the Guides and Resources page to help explain how speed and speed tuning works in this game.  And, as always, check your team in the Clan Boss Calculator before spending that silver!